One of the truly amazing things about living in New Orleans is the Joie de vivre of the people of who reside here! Take football for instance. I’ve spent the last 10 years photographing on the sidelines of the New Orleans Saints games. I begin to notice how amazing the costumes were for the Saints fans who dress up for every home game. And how many there were!

The thousands of fans who watch the games at home...


I had recently finished shooting Mr.B’s cookbook in New Orleans, when I was fortunate to be called on to shoot an Asian cookbook in Telluride, Colorado. I worked with a wonderful restaurateur, Honga Im. Honga started her culinary career selling street food on a corner in Telluride. She worked her way up to opening a beautifully designed two level restaurant on the main street in Telluride. A prime spot, a prime price tag and beautiful...


At a time when I seemed to be shooting more in Florida then locally, I received a request to shoot for Seminole Casinos. Chris Miranda with Redline Media Group in Miami needed a lifestyle and property shoot at a Seminole Casino in Immokalee,Fl.

Immokalee,FL ??? I have not found a single person who has ever heard of Immokalee,Fl. I would have to drive through Alligator Alley in the Everglades to get there. We have alligators in...


I receive an email one day to from Jason Holloway, a Creative Director with Navigant Marketing in Miami. He liked what he saw in my lifestyle work wanted me to do a lifestyle shoot for Wyndham Hotels in South Florida. It’s always a happy moment when someone finds me based on my web portfolios and wants to fly me to a place where many talented photographers reside.

Since then I’ve traveled to over 9 states and Canada for...


I first met Emeril Lagasse when we were both very young, I was lucky enough to be sitting at the kitchen bar across from him as he prepared our meals in his first restaurant, Emeril's in New Orleans. It wasn’t until years later when I received a call to shoot for All-Clad Cookware that I would have the opportunity to work with him.

I had followed his amazing career and was pretty excited to meet him. A little intimidated as to how he...


In the last 10 years I’ve had the pleasure to shoot many properties for Marriott Hotels around the country. It all started with the local Marriott full service Hotels in New Orleans and the J W Marriott.

I met Michelle Servais who was the director of Photography for Marriott in 2006. She taught me Marriott’s standards for photography and room preparation that were the best in the industry. And she wasn’t afraid to put in the work to...


Monument Valley

Maybe the first trip I put on my bucket list (when I started one) was to go to Monument Valley in Utah. As a kid watching all those old westerns shot in this mystical looking valley, always stuck with me. Every time I’ve walked into any convenience store… anywhere…and seeing the display above the cigarettes with images of the valley, it always called to my inner spirt to travel to this amazing...


I remember the very first trip over to a new little casino in Mississippi that had just been taken over by a private owner and had big plans for the future. It would be my first casino account and I was excited!

Fast forward 20 years and it’s gone through amazing growth to become a multi level resort, one of the first smoke free casinos in the country, with a High Rise Tower, Fine Dining Restaurants and upscale Buffet, lavish Pool...


After Katrina, when we all wondered when we would work again. A friend and super talented Graphic Designer, Matt Touchard started a personal project to create a book on guitarists and their passion to play. He has been working on it now for 10 years. Researching,

interviewing, writing, art directing the portraits, transforming them with retouching, designing and laying out 400 plus pages of what will be a truly magnificent book titled...


One day I get a call from a new Casino Marketing Director who had just built a new department for the first new branded Golden Nugget in the country. Melissa Radovich went on to open the Mississippi property and then the new $750 million dollar property in Louisiana. She was a dynamo who seemed to never stop working. For the next year I seemed to be a Golden Nugget employee as many times as I would travel to shoot new property photos for...


Marie Warren has worked in Marketing for Paragon Casinos for over 10 years. She is the Marketing Director, a super talented, hard working, fast walking workaholic who seems like she’s from New York except for the slight french cajun accent.

She’s talented enough to work in much bigger markets, but choose to keep her family grounded in Central Louisiana, to the benefit of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe who owns and operate what started as a...


When working on assignment for MGM Resort’s Beau Rivage. I had the pleasure to meet and work someone I consider to a be a legend in the Culinary World. He name is Chef Joseph Friel, originally from Ireland he had spent years working in NYC and Las Vegas and was now the Executive Chef over the 7 upscale Restaurants at the resort.

He directed what I considered the best group of chefs I’ve ever worked with. It was the first time that I was...


The only two weddings I’ve ever photographed were in Europe. When my friend Cat Wall/Aschenberg, a makeup and fashion stylist I had worked with, called and said she had met her prince charming and was going to get married at a castle outside of Paris and would I shoot her wedding, I was like, when!!! The event was magical! Paris was amazing! The food! The wine!

A year later my friend Matt Touchard had finally met his soul mate and...