“Fan-tastic Saints” Book Project

One of the truly amazing things about living in New Orleans is the Joie de vivre of the people of who reside here! Take football for instance. I’ve spent the last 10 years photographing on the sidelines of the New Orleans Saints games. I begin to notice how amazing the costumes were for the Saints fans who dress up for every home game. And how many there were!

The thousands of fans who watch the games at home and many who are in the stadium have no idea that there are so many fans who have spent hundreds of dollars and hours of their time to make these crazy costumes. The variety and creativeness is like no other city in the league!

I decided this year to photograph them for a book to inform and celebrate their spirit to sports fans, locally and globally. What I didn’t realize was how amazing their stories of love and devotion to their New Orleans Saints would be. In many cases their decisions to costume serve as a tribute to family members (living and deceased). Their stories are as unique as their costumes and their universal involvement in local charitable work is an inspiration.

Here are the first few portraits… Da Pope, Dat Fireman and Cyborg Saint, more to come.

The book which be released in a limited edition printing in March and with the full release at the start of next football season. A percentage of the net proceeds will be dedicated to fan charities. Hope you enjoy them and check out the book!