Wyndham Hotels - Navigant Marketing, Miami

I receive an email one day to from Jason Holloway, a Creative Director with Navigant Marketing in Miami. He liked what he saw in my lifestyle work wanted me to do a lifestyle shoot for Wyndham Hotels in South Florida. It’s always a happy moment when someone finds me based on my web portfolios and wants to fly me to a place where many talented photographers reside.

Since then I’ve traveled to over 9 states and Canada for Wyndham/Navigant shooting environmental portraits of hotel owners for national franchising ads. On most trips, flying, driving several hours only to briefly setup, shoot and then head home. Sometimes hectic, but always satisfying to have out of town shoots that go smoothly through good planning and good resources.

The most exciting project recently for Wyndham Resorts was shooting stills along side a video crew taping national ads. When video and stills are combined it allows for a better talent budget and with a better budget you get really great talent. As usual, a hectic 3 day shoot starting in Orlando then to Jupiter and on to Miami Beach. The imagery was beautiful. Jason is a super talented Creative Director who can walk into any scenario and within minutes have a great plan!

Lucky to work with such Dynamic professionals!