Marriott Hotels in New Orleans

In the last 10 years I’ve had the pleasure to shoot many properties for Marriott Hotels around the country. It all started with the local Marriott full service Hotels in New Orleans and the J W Marriott.

I met Michelle Servais who was the director of Photography for Marriott in 2006. She taught me Marriott’s standards for photography and room preparation that were the best in the industry. And she wasn’t afraid to put in the work to achieve great results. We worked 12 hour days and took the time to make every detail perfect from the bed linens to the perfect flowers in every setup.

With all the places I’ve traveled to shoot for Marriott, it’s particular pleasure to get assignments in my hometown. Sometimes clients fell it’s necessary to bring in a specialist from out of town when they don’t realize that a local photographer is considered a specialist when they travel to other cities to shoot.

Recently Marriott has transformed the style of their photography style to a newer more contemporary style and it really looks great. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the work I’ve done for Marriott locally, thanks to people like Michelle Servais, Heather Stone, Maria Delecamera, Mary Anne Warwick and Tim Johnson who were all great to work with.