Seminoles and Alligators

At a time when I seemed to be shooting more in Florida then locally, I received a request to shoot for Seminole Casinos. Chris Miranda with Redline Media Group in Miami needed a lifestyle and property shoot at a Seminole Casino in Immokalee,Fl.

Immokalee,FL ??? I have not found a single person who has ever heard of Immokalee,Fl. I would have to drive through Alligator Alley in the Everglades to get there. We have alligators in Louisiana…they have more.

As remote as the casino was it’s demo was upscale snow birds from the northeast because of its proximity to Naples and the west coast of Florida. It does an amazing business from November through March and holds it’s own through the summer.

Even with 12 hour shoot days starting at 5am, it was a great shoot, the talent from south Florida was great and Chris and the other folks from Redline were always there to help and direct.