Honga’s Lotus Blossom

I had recently finished shooting Mr.B’s cookbook in New Orleans, when I was fortunate to be called on to shoot an Asian cookbook in Telluride, Colorado. I worked with a wonderful restaurateur, Honga Im. Honga started her culinary career selling street food on a corner in Telluride. She worked her way up to opening a beautifully designed two level restaurant on the main street in Telluride. A prime spot, a prime price tag and beautiful mountain views. A hotspot where Tom and Katie Cruise popped in to eat as we finished our shoot one day.

For two weeks, the food stylist and myself were treated to life in the small (5x14 city blocks) quaint town of Telluride, set in a box canyon with one way in and out. Asian food lends it self to such beautiful photos. The food was amazing (entirely edible) and Honga was a true joy to work with. The book came out great!